Life Coaching pay what you can day Tuesday, June 12. ’cause it’s my birthday!

THIS is how I felt when it first occurred to me to do a ‘Pay What You Can Day’ for 7 Life Coaching Sessions.

THIS is what I do in my living room when I think about it going live on Tuesday, June 12–my birthday!

THIS is how I hope you’ll feel when we’re done: free, strong, grounded in your own self-awareness, way less stressed, and way more happy. Pursuing the life that will make you uniquely and truly happy. Because that’s what we’re here for. Our soul knows. Our essential self knows. The part of us that guides us every day towards what will make each of us uniquely and truly happy does this because it knows that THIS is in alignment with our purpose for being on this planet. It’s what we’re here for. It’s your birthright.

On Tuesday, June 12, I’ll post up details here on how to pay what you can for 7 Life Coaching Sessions. It’ll be quick and easy. And I’ll be dancing.

Much love,


Jun 7, 2012 · Comment (2)

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Happy Birthday sweet yogi, and many happy returns.


@Hilary Lindsay thank you! much love across the interweb…


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