Warrior III and Life: Take the Easy Way Out (Seriously!)

On the mat
This morning as I was practicing I remembered something I’d forgotten. The power of the mind. I guess the mind’s so powerful that it can even convince us to forget that it is!

There I am in Warrior III, wobbling and tipping (and cursing), and my mind is going “Well, hey, of course you’re falling over, you’re on one leg. You’ve got your arms outstretched in front, too, silly. You wanna be stable? Ya gotta stand on two legs.” So I keep wobbling and tipping and cursing.

Until this: I remember that our bodies are made for asana. And asanas are made for our bodies. In fact, standing on one leg doesn’t have to be difficult at all. But it will be if we convince ourselves it is. If we let our minds tell us it’s unnatural, we’ll topple for sure. But if we don’t….

Whaddya know? My next round was strong and solid–one-legged and everything.

Off the mat
How many times do we tell ourselves something will be hard, or the same as it always is, and it is? What might happen if we told ourselves it would be easy, and better this time?
Imagine what this might do:
– During an interaction with a co-worker you usually clash with
– At your in-laws place
– In a conversation about a topic that usually turns into a fight
– And on and on and on it goes

What recurring challenges do you face? Where could you re-program?

Jan 21, 2009 · Comment (1)

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I really enjoy this analogy between what goes on in asana and what goes on in our everyday lives.This is when we really start to experience Yoga’s full power–when we really see mind, body and spirit as one and the same.Thanks for writing this.Bob W. (www.myyogabook.wordpress.com)


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