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What does being free mean to you?

Freedom is an experience in Consciousness, which comes through Self-reflection on the true inner self.

Once that experience–or even a clear glimpse of that–is attained then our expression and behavior in the world is a projection of that inner freedom.

As long as the flow is there, unobstructed by the ego, the feeling and the energy of peace, joy and sharing is spontaneous and also infectious.

Freedom does not mean to do whatever our mind or senses compel us to do.

Rather the real freedom is an expression of good inner self-discipline. This is why yoga emphasizes discipline, as it sets you truly free.

The letting go of ego-attachment is also a natural evolution of the consciousness.

This experience and expression of Freedom then helps us to see our true role in the universe, gives us a clear sense of direction and purpose to our life and we accept the whole world as our family and live in harmony with nature.

Then the true spiritual evolution gets accelerated. Such Free people become our guiding lights to help us aspire and achieve that Freedom in our own consciousness.

Swami Mahesh

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