max strom yoga: it’s a deal [video]

A few of the take-aways from a workshop with lovely, gentle, makes-women-declare-they-want-to-marry-him, Max Strom.


On breath
To teach people to breathe, tell them what they’ll get out of it. (a better life)

On the body
The hands are the extension of the mind. To relax the mind, relax the hands.

On defining yoga–quickly and easily
Yoga is a breath practice accompanied by postures.Vinyasa is breath-initiated movement.
The goal of yoga is not to become flexible. That’s one of the benefits.

On yoga students
Older people make the best students.
Deals and agreements are important to have with your students. It gives you permission to remind them of something.
Ask students to set intentions at the beginning of class, and give examples like “I will overcome my depression. I want to sleep better.”

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