high technology gets the yoga high

There ain’t nothin‘ those Appleites won’t get their hands on. Well, if it’ll sell well. So the new Apple iPhone and iPod Touch application must be a sign that North American consumers are headed in a more peaceful, strong, joyful direction. (Stay with me here.)

Oceanhouse Media’s “Bowls” application–a visual and aural replica of authentic Tibetan singing bowls–has hit #10 as an Apple Staff Fave. Yes, the staff at Apple are into a truly traditional meditation and relaxation tool. That kinda rocked me a little, too. Just recently released, it took only a few weeks for the old-meets-new application to climb the ranks.

Wanna play some of your own Tibetan tunes at home or at the studio? Download the app from iTunes for $1.99, and remember to go slow with the tip of your finger around the rim on your screen.

Tibetan Singing Bowls
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Apr 29, 2009 · Comment (2)

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Sounds great. Now, if only I had an iPhone! I believe it was suzann who told me I should get one just for the “Sit and Squat” public toilet locator application. Maybe a couple of more and I’ll be convinced.Bob W.


This app is lame. It just plays some sounds, and they have the nerve to charge $2. There are tons of free apps with more utility. And the worst thing is the developer has flooded the app store with fake 5-star reviews. It’s very obvious from the way they don’t say anything, yet get rated as helpful.


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