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believe bigger

Hey you guys;

Tell me where I’m wrong here, but I’ve got a hunch you’re leaning into an uplifted life.

One filled with a steady source of gratitude, a happiness beneath all the turmoil on the surface, and maybe even some magical moments.

I want to help you get there. I really do.

So I’m creating the Weekly Invitationals.

Each Monday, they’ll land in your inbox, fresh from me to you.

An invitation, an intention, and an anchor-point for your week ahead.

‘Cos how we begin something is often how it keeps on going.

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‘I found more time to really think about myself. And I kept a lot in my mind like “tools” to find my happiness. It helped me. Weird that some emails really can do that!’ ~ Emma Andersson, Sweden

‘Wow. So I start getting these daily inspirationals and I just love them. I have shared your e-mails with everyone I know Lindsey. They are honest and uplifting. When I didn’t have them any more I truly felt that I was missing something.’ ~ Lisa Wise, Texas

‘The thing that spoke to me the most was in the beginning of the month you spoke about listening to yourself and not following the expectations of others. Honestly, I’m kind of awful at checking my e-mail, but found myself looking forward to getting these in my inbox.’ ~ Adrienne, Vancouver

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Jul 29, 2014 · Comment

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