shiva rea DVD giveaway: get it before it hits stores

CONTEST FINITO: Jay Suttonbrown, RTY, @awesomeyoga, wins the DVD!

Shiva Rea, she of the uber vinyasa flow style and creator of the renowned Yoga Trance Dance, is releasing a new DVD tomorrow. Power Flow Yoga has, and I quote, “3 hours of energetic vinyasa to mix and match with the Shiva Rea yoga matrix!”

If you want it, it’s yours–well, you can be entered to win.

Just share this post with your Twitter friends and invite them to do the same, making sure to include the #yoga hashtag and @lindsey_lewis (so I know you did). Here’s what it might look like: I just entered to win Shiva Rea’s newest DVD from @lindsey_lewis blog Joy For Life [web address to the blog post here]. You can, too! #yoga

Make sure to add me as a Twitter friend, so I can DM you if you win.

p.s. apologies to my international friends. I can only ship within Canada.

A taste of Shiva

Dec 27, 2010 · Comment (2)

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and the winner is: Jay Suttonbrown, RYT!Check her out at Find her on Twitter @awesomeyoga


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