hemalayaa: bollywood dance, yoga, joy and love all the time [vid]

Hemalayaa, she of the Bollywood booty-shaking dance moves and yoga love, shared her light with Joy Yoga readers recently.

1. You teach Bollywood-style dance, among other practices. Why dance?
We were born dancing and some of us have forgotten how good it feels to move our bodies and be free in that way. I believe dance is a way to get us in touch with our silly, playful side—really quick. We are so busy in our lives; with the children, making money, taking care of many responsibilities, etc. When we dance, we give ourselves a break and go back to that sweet child-like place filled with laughter and inspiration. It’s the quickest way I know to love myself and then in-turn, love others. And, for women, it’s the greatest way to move past the hormones, find that love place within ourselves and feel fabulous (and sensual, which makes us feel so good)!

2. Your name makes us think of the Himalayan Mountains. Is that intentional? Is there a connection?
Yes, the intention was the great mountain range called the Himalaya’s. My name is just spelt with an “E” because my parents pronounced the first part of my name “Haem” instead of “Him” (didn’t speak English all that well back then), so there was the spelling mistake at the hospital.

3. What inspires you?
What inspires me in my work is when students go for it, and feel the freedom in their bodies, hearts and souls and find that place of joy in themselves. It’s so inspiring to watch and be a part of.

And on a general note, here’s other things that inspire me:
…great documentaries on our planet/environment/activism and how to be a better person here
…dancing, of course
…being out in nature
…bonding with sisters, women-friends and family
…hugs, kisses and appreciation

4. Can you name two favourite yoga resources–other than your own?
Books by Jeffrey Armstrong, my teacher of the Vedas and yoga philosophy
God (Goddess) the Astrologer

Music is a big one for me. New favourites include:
Snatam Kaur, the Live album
Rasa, Devotion
Here II Here, the live album

5. If you could tell a class of 100 people just one thing, what would it be?
When feeling lost, or disconnected, remember that we are Joy and Love by our true natures (this is something you will experience in my workshops), and when we forget, the thing to do is something healthy and productive to bring you back into that place of freedom. We will learn tools (easy 5 – 10 minute practices) in these classes that you can take home with you as your ways to come back to your true self. So whenever you forget, the first thing is to remember again.


FIND Hemalayaa at BellyFit in Victoria, BC, the weekend of June 25, 2010
online at www.hemalayaa.com and My Yoga Online.

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