Yoga Thoughts on Love: Jai Uttal, Rolf Gates, David Newman, Paris

David Newman‘s Love Peace and Freedom
by the Pearl S. Buck Elementary School Choir

I really don’t think it’s different: the intimacy of our hearts with our beloveds, and the intimacy of our souls with the infinite spirit. It’s all about being as vulnerable, and being as open and as honest as we can be. Maybe Valentine’s Day is the perfect celebration of real, true intimate connection.
Jai Uttal

In order to be a good teacher, I have to feel love for each student in the room.
Rolf Gates

Love is an opening.
– Dr. Sivakumar Varma, Ayur Vedic doctor, yogi

Just for Fun: A tribute to Paris, city of love

PLUS: Kunda-What? Intro to Kundalini Yoga

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