janet stone yoga: slap yourself, slap your neighbour [video]

Janet Stone Yoga
I recently did a workshop with Janet Stone. Somehow, this incredible Vinyasa Power Flow teacher has remained under my radar–until now. I don’t teach Vinyasa. I’d never heard of her. But a yogi friend of mine–also a Kundalini and Hatha teacher–returned from San Francisco, where Janet’s based, and told me I absolutely had to go. So I went. And I took away something much more than some wow-inducing additions to my teaching and personal practice.

Joy Yoga
I named my blog Joy Yoga because that’s one of the greatest benefits yoga’s brought to my life, and what, ultimately, yoga connects us with. The divine is full of joy. But it’s not always simple to tap into that fluid, blissful place, especially off the mat. Because that place is outside of self-doubt, it’s outside of insecurities, it’s outside the ego.

The Big No-Go
What Janet Stone reaffirmed for me was that it’s okay–no, it’s right and rewarding–to live and act outside of the ego, outside of self-doubt, and outside of insecurities. This woman’s got some nerve (from my “raised a lady” perspective, anyway.)

A few gems from her workshop: During a Kundalini-inspired asana where we basically fling our arms around ourselves as we twist from side to side, “Slap your neighbour; you know they like it. Slap yourself; because you know you like it.” During a chat on yoga off the mat, “My friend’s come up with a new saying, ‘Off the mat, and into my bed.’ I’ll give you her number later.” And something about deep entry that I think I was too embarrassed to remember. She kinda shocked me. She surprised me. But here’s the thing: She’s rocking this yoga train. And here’s why: Because she operates outside of ego. She operates outside of worrying what people might think. She’s just up there, doing her thing, like it or lump it.

Here’s what I took away, what has been ringing in my head over and over for the past few months: The universe rewards you when you are fully and completely yourself. So go bold. Mediocrity = meh.


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wow this is fantastic. i'm a vinyasa girl and janet was under my radar until now – thanks to you!! hugs!!


Thanks so much for fastidious blog entries and providing such advantageous information. Reply

Janet is one of my favorites. The first time I took a workshop with her, I walked out completely empowered! Thanks for sharing your experience. Sat nam.~B


i have been a yoga teacher and practitioner for many years. janet embodies yoga BECAUSE she comes from such a neutral and grounded place. she's a real person, mother, woman, teacher and her wisdom is in her bones. she isn't affected and as a result she teachers others that it's ok to be themselves and practice that loving-kindness while still being very much a part of this earth- not above it. by the end of her class you'll feel connected and rung-out. amen to that.


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