Yoga Insider: Megan Gray

Mom, Yoga Teacher, & Green Living Advocate

Company Tread Earth Lightly
Yoga Style(s) Hatha (Sivananda Style), Karma Kids Yoga, Meditation, and Postnatal Yoga
Megan is a Mom, and this role inspires her to help others. A serious yogi who loves to have fun, Megan has found that teaching kids has definitely helped her to see the fun side of Yoga, as well as life. Through teaching yoga and Green Living she not only helps people to feel better, but also hopes to help make the world better for future generations.

Take-Away Tips
What are your favourite earth-friendly products?
Kleen Kanteens and To-Go Ware. Both are stainless steel containers (Kleen Kateens for liquids & To-Go Ware for food). They are great for stopping the use of disposable containers and bottles. Plus, they aren’t plastic so they won’t leach harmful chemicals into your food or drink.

Top 3 “Go Green” Tips
1. Get rid of all of the plastic, especially in the kitchen. There are so many alternatives out there that plastic is unnecessary, and they aren’t expensive.
2. Change to earth- and people-friendly cleaning products like Seventh Generation or Dr. Bronner’s.
3. Change to healthier bathroom products including shampoo, soap, and conditioner. Our skin is the largest, most absorbent organ we have, so it’s important to not use harsh chemicals on it. My general, or “green” rule of thumb: if you can’t pronounce the ingredients in your products, don’t use them!

Stress Busters
At-work or at-home stress busters
For both in home and at work stress my number one recommendation is to breathe. When you find yourself stressed, take a moment and inhale slowly and exhale slowly for a couple of breaths. The longer you can do this the better. It will help focus and calm the mind and body. Simple, yet the most highly effective, I think. We just take our breath for granted way too much and it really is one of our greatest de-stressing tools.

Three books, CDs, movies, or DVDs that inspire you
1. A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle
I think Oprah has said enough, so I won’t say anymore than it is really great and easy to understand.
2. Finding Nemo
A great movie that has a wonderful message for all ages about letting go of your fears. (Favorite even before I had kids.)
3. Planet Earth Series

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