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Barbara Kosciewicz
High Street Yoga and Wellness
Yoga Style: Hatha

A mom with a passion for yoga, wellness and healing, Barbara’s journey into yoga began while she was pregnant with her middle son and has evolved into a “life-work that is like no other job.” Her approach encourages students to take what they learn off the mat and into their lives. Barbara’s big on helping students really connect, slow down and be completely present. Soon, she’ll be conducting meditation and acupuncture workshops, and using her new yurt as a massage studio.

In a recent post, you tell the story of a friend of yours bringing her kids to class and what their experience in the class taught you. Can you elaborate?
Yes, it’s amazing how that small encounter effected me on many levels. On a cursory level, my dislike of shoulder stand and the memory of twinging my neck is now replaced with the sheer joy of the kids doing it because it is fun! As a teacher it reminded me about teaching on automatic pilot and restructuring the class to modify for all students. As a mom, the situation made me reflect on my own kids and the expectations I have for them.

I try to spread the power of yoga into people’s daily lives, too. What’s your m.o.? How do you go about doing this?
Throughout class I encourage students to develop a home practice and offer suggestions, The Five Tibetans, modified sun salutations, cat and cow etc. Also, I like to offer free classes in the community, at the library and at community events to expose people to yoga that have never had the opportunity. I like to make yoga accessible to everyone, to eliminate the fear or uncertainty that people new to yoga can experience

Stress Busters
AT WORK Simple seated twists in the chair at the office can help wring out tensions and various breathing techniques such as even inhalation, even exhalation, and extending the exhalation can be done at the desk.

AT HOME I’m a mom of three boys and understand the challenge of sneaking in time for yoga and for self during the day. My favorite is Legs up the Wall with the kids. When my kids were much younger we would do this together every afternoon for 5-10 minutes. It was just as good as a nap!

Top 3 Inspirational Media
1. Living your Yoga: Finding the spiritual in everyday life – Judith Lasater
2. Peace is Every Step – Tich Nhat Hahn
3. Seven Spiritual Laws for Parents – Deepak Chopra

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