’s Michelle Trantina: cutting edge technology, ancient tools

yogini, film producer, mom, entrepreneur, founder My Yoga Online and Fresh Eye Productions Company

Open-minded and big-hearted, Michelle is the founder of the quickly-growing My Yoga Online, bringing yoga–Hatha, pre-natal, beginner, for stress, and more–to anybody with a computer.

Why’d you start My Yoga
Kreg Weiss, a Vancouver-based kinesiologist and yoga teacher, approached me after seeing me on a Yoga TV show I had been working on. He had a great idea, to bring filmed yoga and wellness practices online, making them available, accessible, and affordable to all–via the worldwide web. We felt it was a great way to share this powerful and transformative practice in a modern way, in a way that everyone can effectively use on a day to day basis whenever they want it.

Why do you love yoga?
I always approached yoga for what it provided me in terms of mental and emotional transformation. To step away from a class feeling completely clear and recharged and ready to experience life from a balanced perspective. What could be better than that? That is the root of everything, our perspective, is it not? Bring that to a strong and healthy place and the rest of the world will unfold from there… Yoga for me is like medicine. It is a time for the unwinding to happen.

What’s your fave experience so far from doing the site?
Definitely the feedback we receive from members (sometimes from the other side of the world!) about how our website has changed their lives for the better. That is amazing. Also, the amount I have learned…about yoga, about film making, about business in general – it has been huge and will be with me forever.

Stress Busters
AT WORK My Yoga Online will be launching a very effective stress reduction program later this year. It will be quite comprehensive. We also currently offer many articles about stress: what causes it, how we can cope, how yoga is so effective in it’s demise. We have a growing selection of at-work yoga videos available now: short office-based practices to refresh, refocus, and rejuvenate, throughout the day. We also offer workshops and lectures from qualified experts on understanding and treating common workplace ailments such as carpal tunnel syndrome, upper cross syndrome, lower back and leg problems.

AT HOME Our entire library of meditation and yoga practices are there for just that. Nothing I have found is as effective at beating stress, especially in today’s world. Of course yoga will get you into shape, create better posture, more mental focus, a stronger immune system, the list goes on, but conquering stress in paramount with the lifestyles we currently lead. We know that chronic stress is a major factor in more than 80% of illnesses. This has been proven. We need tools that can prevent and reduce those patterns of stress – available to us when and where we need them most.

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I have used their site for over 1 year and love it! I do 3 to 4 classes each week.


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