Eco-Yogini Lisa Spinney on Eco-Holism and Hot Baths

Speech-Language Pathologist, Yogini
A passionate, opinionated and sensitive eco-yogini and writer, Lisa loves to play the guitar and sing. She also reads voraciously. Her goal for this year is to perform at a local coffee shop in Halifax, Canada. Lisa also treats preschool children who have expressive and receptive language delays and multiple needs/diagnoses. Her goal: work on the Autism Team.
Yoga Style Vinyasa Flow

1.What do you love about eco-friendliness?
Feeling the interconnectedness of our world, our cultures, our planet and Nature herself.

2. How eco-holic are you? What does your daily eco-friendliness pan out like?
UBER ecoholic, or, as much as I can realistically be on my budget.
1. Eco-stuff in our house: cleaning products (bath, kitchen, laundry), including recycled TP and paper towel.
2. Fair trade organic coffee made in a French Press (non-plastic!)
3. Reclaimed wood bed frame made by my dad, and second hand furniture/dishware
4. Organic produce (prioritizing of course!) and the farmer’s market in summer
5. Re-usable, unbleached, fair wage produce/grain/regular grocery bags
6. We compost and recycle plastic/glass/paper
7. All our lights are CFL’s
8. My toothpaste is fluoride-free (Green Beaver!)
9. 1/4 of my wardrobe is soy, bamboo or organic cotton
10. I carpool to work and NEVER idle my car. In the summer I shut my car off at longer intersections while waiting for the light
11. We walk/take the bus
12. I use toluene-free nail polish and corn-based remover
13. We use eco-soap (hand and body wash), shaving bar, body lotion, face cream and shampoo
14. We have organic cotton bedsheets and bamboo bath towels and bath mat
15. We own biodegradable and natural rubber mats
16. We are planning our Eco-wedding

Stress Busters
I have my own office so often I will do the beginnings of SunA-Mountain, raising my arms, forward bend. I find the best stress-buster for myself is to take a lunch break OUT of my office and avoid talking about work. That hour of social, quiet or for fun reading time really helps me decompress. Finally: saying “No” more often. Decreasing cause of stress is one sure-fire “stress-buster”.

Do yoga! I have created a small yoga-space in all of my tiny apartments. A cheap folding screen can easily create a yoga-haven. Another stress-buster for me that is very un-eco: a nice hot bath with my favourite book. Also, laughter and fun will do wonders for changing the stress hormones into those that promote health and inner peace.

Eco-Yogini’s Top 3 Inspirational Media
Woman: An Intimate Geography
2. Don’t Drink the Water: Dave Matthews Live at Radio City
3. The Earth Path

PLUS: Yoga is Boring: Intro to Kundalini Yoga this Sunday!
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