love poem: radical acceptance

Here’s something I’ve never done before: shared some of my writing. But it felt like I should, and when my heart speaks, I’m powerless to do anything but listen. This is what I’m practicing:

Radical Acceptance
For him
I have lain down

Shone the light into the ground
Seen below the resistance and strife
The fears–yes, fears–of sharing my life

I have been yelling in my head
Screaming words I’ve left unsaid

Driving to exhaustion the
love love love love love

On my knees, forehead to the floor
I sent a prayer to the universe
“I don’t know what to do anymore”

Ringing through my tears of false sorrow
The answer came clear–sunk into my marrow

Accept him

There is no love
That is not fully given
No conditions set out
Or contracts written

There is no love
Unless you fully accept him

Nov 20, 2009 · Comment (2)

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Are you speaking of an individual, or something larger?


It's interesting how it can be interpreted either way…my feeling is that love is love is love and the intention and expression of it are the same–whether it's for an individual–a lover, friend, or guru/teacher–or something larger.


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