Living Yoga: From Fear to Love

Do you wish you could keep the calm, strong yoga love vibe happening OFF your yoga mat? Do you have moments in your day when stress or other ‘negative’ emotions overwhelm you? Do you want to feel as empowered in your daily life as you do right after a yoga class?

This is pretty much my life’s mission. And this workshop is my heart’s offering to you. Living Yoga: From Fear to Love is about tapping into an empowered state of compassionate curiosity on our mat, and learning to take the practice off our mat. It’s about living in our daily life from a place of love for what is, instead of fear of what might be.

How we’ll get there:

We’ll flow through a Kundalini kriya dedicated to challenging the part of all of us that gets caught up in the tailspin of stress, worry and the waves of emotions (our beloved ego); strengthening our inner light; and enhancing tolerance.

Then we’ll move into a mini Yin practice where we’ll practice exploring sensations, and getting compassionately curious about them.

We’ll come together to chant the mantra of compassion and heart-centred love: Om Mani Padme Hum.

And then we’ll sit in meditation, consciously being with what is.

The take-aways:

Cultivating compassionate curiosity about all sensations enables us to meet them off our mat from a place of empowered love instead of fear. We’re no longer at the mercy of our fear-based imaginings, or emotions that don’t serve our highest self, or the moment. We meet each moment, whatever it brings, knowing that through this practice we cultivate strength, peace and love in all moments of our lives.

Framework: 80% asana, 20% meditation, mantra and philosophy.

When: Sunday, October 28th from 1:00pm-3:00pm
Where: Semperviva Yoga Sun Studio
2608 West Broadway at Trafalgar, Vancouver, BC
Cost: $25.00 + HST
Registration: Tel: 604.739.2009 or Toll Free: 1.877.730.5522

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