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Please fill out this application form to apply for your complimentary 60-minute Be Your Own Guide for Life session ($99 value).

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What to Expect if Your Application is Accepted

We’ll coordinate the best time for your session. During our call, we’ll spend some time talking about what you included in your application and how I can help you be your own guide for life. I’ll answer any questions you might have and go over my process for working with clients. I’ll spend time coaching you around the most urgent topic and how to approach it from a place of being your own guide for life. Then we’ll decide whether or not we’re a good fit, and if we are, how we’ll move forward together.

If we decide to move forward, I’ll send you an outline on how the process will unfold, and what we’ll cover. Once our plan is finalized, we begin!

Packages and Pricing

OPTION 1 Pay per session. $99
OPTION 2 5 sessions. $475 $425 ($85/session)
OPTION 3 8 sessions. $792 $680 ($85/session)

All 1-hour sessions done over the phone–or Skype if you are outside North America–at our pre-arranged time. I call you.

What People Are Saying

“You’re a true teacher…You’re devoted, engaged in listening–really listening, and grounded in your own experience.” – Danielle LaPorte, creator of The Fire Starter Sessions, Desire Map and more.

“…to say this was a heady kind of high is an understatement.” – Parisa Lighting Little Fires

“Lindsey has somehow figured it out: Where to find grace and joy in a chaotic universe. Listen to this little one, because I tell you now she’s the real deal.” – Thom Stitt, artist, movie-maker,

“She gives you the tools to make that vision a reality, and helps you rediscover a life that is filled with joy, purpose, and love.” – Molly

“You have a light-hearted, honest approach that gets to the core of faulty belief systems quickly. I was able to overcome some blocks that were holding me back and springboard into my life! Thank you.” – Madeleine