10 big ideas on how to access your intuition

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You can read below for the first 5 Big Ideas on How to Access Your Intuition.

10 Big Ideas on How to Access Your Intuition

Are you looking for guidance? Do you want to make the right choice? You can use and trust your intuition for your biggest and most important decisions. Here’s how.

Intuition is powerful. It can transform a life of uncertainty into one of ease and serendipity. Intuition is also deeply practical. It can be learned and practiced step by step. Here’s how.

1. Big Idea Number 1. Meditate. The most important thing I want to tell you is this: intuition is a message from something greater than ourselves. By this I mean two things—a shift in our physical environment that we’re picking up on, or something much more intangible and cosmic—we can call it the universe or God, or universal consciousness. Whatever works for you. Meditation helps you develop the ability to hear that message.

2. Big Idea Number 2. Do a somatic, mind-body practice. Yoga works here, but any physical practice done mindfully, where you become increasingly attuned to your body’s signals, will work, too. We develop body awareness. We get attuned to the subtle shifts in physical sensation. And this means we’re more likely to notice the messaging coming from our body—what Dr. Frances Vaughan calls physical intuition—that is telling us something.

3. Big Idea Number 3.
Trust your in-sight. Images that flash across your inner vision can be gone in seconds but can also save you for the rest of your life—like I experienced when a vision of a careening car allowed me to avoid being hit by it. Paying attention to these images, combined with your awareness of your body’s signals, can lead to a smarter decision.

4. Big Idea Number 4. Practice mindfulness. Simply practicing paying full, conscious attention—to whatever you’re doing—can help develop your mindfulness muscle. This is the muscle that will enable you to tune into subtle environmental changes—like the wild animals who survived the tsunami did.

5. Big Idea Number 5. Build your intuitive muscle. There’s three fun ways to do this. Take a somewhat inconsequential activity and practice using your intuition. For example: While grocery-shopping, and looking for a particular item, see if your instincts can tell you which aisle it’s in. See if you can get a visual of the aisle number, or consider each aisle and see which one you feel physically pulled towards. We’ll go into detail about the other two fun ways to do this in the class—it’s best if I can explain it to you person to person.

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