WHY? yoga competitions: Bikram asana competition, NY regional yoga championships

Ick. This whole thing makes my tummy tense up. First, we’ve got last weekend’s New York Regional Yoga Championships. Then the winners head on to the Yoga World Championships, being held in LA in February. And some crew of “yogis” wants yoga to be entered into the Olympics as a sport, by 2020. Vanity Fair’s Anna Kavaliunas reports on it. The pics are at least impressive. Bikram’s 7th Annual Asana Competition was also just a few days ago.

Here’s what I have to report:
Yoga is NOT about competition. Yoga IS about managing our ego, not letting it run the show. (Among other amazing, life-boosting, personally-challenging aims, bien sur.)

Here’s a vid from New York mag at the Bikram competition:

Anyone have some insight into why we would want yoga to be considered a competitive sport?

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Wow, they are really impressive. I agree that yes, Yoga isn't about competition, but if you watch the video without the sound on, like I did (because I am at work), I have to admit that it was a little inspiring :) Especially the headstand at the end haha!


Breaking out of Lurkerdom here :)In regards to the photo tagged in the Vanity Fair article, if someone wants to be that flexible go join Cirque du Soleil. It makes me sad that yoga has become a competition. Competitive yoga crosses the line between healthy pride in our physical accomplishments and stands smack in the middle of unhealthy ego and narcissism. What's next — meditation competitions?But then again, I'm just a newbie to the yoga scene so what do I know?


lol, wonder how they'd measure success in meditation. that's a funny thought


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