soda so good: steaz takes the taste-test

I don’t even like carbonated drinks, but sweet, cold, organic thirst quenchers? Bring ’em on.

I’m digging Steaz for five reasons:
1. Organic cane juice–not high-fructose syrup
2. Ceylon green tea–lots of benefits
3. USDA certified, fair trade certified, and Kosher certified
4. Recently named Best Tea of 2008 and Best Organic Product of 2008 by BevNet; and Women’s Health lists Steaz second out of 125 best packaged foods for women
5. They taste good; my friends like them

I’m not digging the energy drink. It tastes like medicine, and I figure we get enough stimulus in our busy working world: we need sleep drinks, not energy drinks.

Real Canadian Superstore, Mac’s Convenience Stores, Marketplace IGA, Capers Community Market, Whole Foods Market, Meinhardt, Nesters Market, Natures Fare Markets, and The Market Gourmet Foods.

Full disclosure: the Steaz publicist sent me some free samples. She’s super nice, and I like free healthy stuff. But that doesn’t mean I’ll rave about something if I think it sucks.

Sep 23, 2009 · Comment (1)

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Hi Lindsey, I like your yoga photos makes me want to pull on my lulus and stretch. I'm glad you think the Steaz publicist is super nice, I like her too ;-) and I'm super glad you're digging Steaz. -Tanis


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