Rachel McAdams in VOGUE: Kundalini yoga every morning [video]


It always seemed like there was just something a bit more about her. Ms. adorable Rachel McAdams, of Notebook and Mean Girls fame, tells VOGUE mag that she starts every day with Kundalini yoga. She also prefers to spend her money “on experiences, on meals or travel”, rather than “things.”

McAdams practices Kundalini yoga every morning, even when she’s on set. “The earliest I’ll start is four-thirty. That’s my limit.” Throw in her habit of biking or walking everywhere, and there you have the long and short of her fitness regimen. It works: The 31-year-old is curvy, tiny-waisted, and fits any runway sample. Not that she’s one to dwell on such things. Says Diane Keaton, McAdams’s costar in Thomas Bezucha’s The Family Stone and Roger Michell’s forthcoming Morning Glory, “Rachel’s not drawn toward fashion. I think she’s really an actress—solid, right there.” Her interest in catwalk trends is so slight that when she received a Proenza tie-dye tee—before the runway, before anyone, the must-have piece for spring 2010!—she wore it to bed, alone. And as regards air conditioning, she thinks green: “I can’t live with it. I feel I’m not living in the world.”

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Jan 6, 2010 · Comment

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