Photographer Kim Christie: Heartbreak, Bugs, Getting High With Kundalini Yoga

Photographer, Yogini
Photog extraordinaire Kim Christie shoots interiors and architecture for decor magazines (Canadian House & Home, Style at Home, Chatelaine, Living Etc.) and runs a bustling wedding photography business in Vancouver, BC.

Yoga Style Kundalini
Personal Style Elegant, simple silhouettes … with big hair and good shoes
Mantra “I love my life”
Which I do. It’s so much fun, and full of lots of things that I put there with intent.

When and why did you start practicing yoga?
Yoga found me entirely by accident. I was dressed and ready to head off for a hike with a friend who bailed out at the very last minute. Kelli, another friend, had been urging me to try one of her Kundalini classes, and when I called her to see if she wanted to come out for a hike, she said, “Forget it! We’re going to yoga!” And we did.

Take-Away Tips
How has yoga been useful to you?
Yoga pulls some of the softest and most gentle places out of me and into the world. I am light when I leave a class … lighter for having left racing thoughts, anxiety and tension behind … and just plain light, full of enthusiasm, bright, open, expectant.

Yoga Teachers
What teachers inspire you?
[Note from Lindsey: I did not pay Kim to write this, I swear. For more on other inspiring teachers, please go here.]
All of my teachers inspire me. Bus drivers inspire me. Bugs inspire me. I’m just in a really good mood lately.

Though I’ll bet anyone reading this blog would be interested to know what it’s like to be in one of Lindsey’s classes, so I’ll tell you, because it’s an experience that definitely inspires me to go back to yoga class, day after day after day. For me, her classes hit some sort of spiritual note. She seems to seep shiny joy from every pore. We do this cool hallelujah move after pretty much every set until my head nearly explodes.

I was so blissed out in one of her classes that the whole room disappeared and there was this blinding white light and my body temperature suddenly dropped and I had to stop and breathe and just be in it because it was so AMAZING! And it wasn’t just me. Everybody was flying. So much so that Lindsey suddenly said, “Everybody: hug someone!” and the girl who grabbed me didn’t want to let go! I literally sailed out of there.

What challenging, or simply un-fun, life experience became an opportunity for you to learn?
The first and most terrible heart break taught me that hearts don’t break. Like any other muscle, the more you tear away at it, the stronger and bigger it becomes.

What inspires you?
The effortless state of being you find yourself in after meditation or a yoga class, or quite frankly, a long hot bath, when you are a clear, still pool and everything, just absolutely everything ripples through you with such feeling and movement. My biggest ideas, my most burning moments of love, the sweetest and most delicate observations, all came from that place.

Stress Buster
How do you combat stress?
I don’t combat stress, I create it. It musters me into action. Stress builds strength and character and conviction. I believe in it wholeheartedly. Anxiety? Now that I just bloody hate. And so I erase it, expunge it entirely from my system. And the only way to do that is to move and breathe.

Kim’s Top 3 Inspirational Media
1. My favourite book of all time is Mikhail Bulgakov’s The Master & Margarita, about this beautiful lovesick girl who gets to host the Devil’s ball and fly naked over Leningrad. It’s porn for intellectuals.
2. My favourite movie is Never Cry Wolf. And I do cry. At the last scene, when he’s playing the bassoon in the rain. I always cry then.
3. My favourite music right now is Ganga Giri‘s didj music. It’s pounding and primitive tribal technological deep earth dance. It feels so good.

Recommend a Yoga Stylista

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