perfection: elminate it, redefine it

Media Madness
FASHION Magazine. VOGUE. Men’s Health. Yoga Journal. Myriad TV shows I can’t list because I don’t have a television to watch. Movies, movies, movies–especially Hollywood blockbusters. It’s not a surprising statement to say that the media presents an unrealistic, and unobtainable for most of us, version of being the sort of person other people admire.

The super thin, super beautiful. The highly fashionable. The perfectly fit. The adroitly flexible and strong. And then there are the always perky, nice and friendly, fantastic cooks, mothers, wives and career women.

Perfection Personified
I’ve been considering this subject over the past week. I’ve talked it over with a few amazing friends. The general conclusion is this: Fuggetabout it. Don’t worry about trying to be perfect. Just be you. No body’s perfect. And that’s okay.

Which is great. I love it. It’s just the sort of thing I love to hear and share, too.

But What if…
But something else rose up for me a couple days ago, as I pondered things at the end of my day: What if nothing is wrong with you? What if you are not just okay, not just not-perfect? What if you are perfect?

Because you are. You all are. We all are. You are perfect.

You are perfect. Just as you are.

It’s the dominant definition of the word that is wrong.

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May 22, 2010 · Comment (3)

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yes. yes. yes. thank you Bob! Love that quote. exactly


I was in the Choices Market in Kelowna during a challenging time in my life and went to use the washroom…as I closed the door I saw a note on the back of it that read " YOU ARE PERFECT EXACTLY AS YOU ARE " I think of that gift of a moment fairly often and smile as broadly as I did that day. Betsy


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