Book Review: Yoga-Inspired ‘Luck by Design’

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Richard E. Goldman took a single store with a hand-painted sign and helped turn it into a national brand: Men’s Wearhouse. Along the way he faced personal and business challenges, and used what he’s learned through yoga to help him make it through. Arguing against the general opinion that his success, and others, is due to pure “luck”, Goldman gives precise examples of how using yogic techniques and practices helped him design his own luck. He references intuition; satya, or truthfulness; ahimsa, or compassion; staying present; authentic connection; going beyond the ego; mindfulness; and having faith that we are here for a purpose–in practical, layman’s terms.

Though at times Goldman’s writing can take on a patronizing tone, it’s not intentional. The practical exercises and explanations on how to find “certain success in an uncertain world”, combined with underlying yogic philosophy, make it a worthwhile read for anyone interested in exactly how to take their practice off the mat and into today’s world.

A few quotes worth highlighting:
Every dreamer pays a price, but…the price for not dreaming or ignoring your dreams is much higher.

Know that one day, somehow, some way, you are going to be a leader–you will be called upon to lead something. Every day is an apprenticeship for that day.

Learn to love your enemies. Why? No one else is going to tell you the truth.

The solution to all of your outer problems also rests inside of one place–you.

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