Book Review: Breathing Space by Yoga Teachers Katrina Repka and Alan Finger

Years ago, Katrina Repka launched out of her stereotypical, suffocating life in Calgary, Canada and landed in New York. There she found yogi Alan Finger of Ishta Yoga. Katrina’s new book, Breathing Space ($17.95), tells the tales of how his teaching, and especially pranayama exercises, let her let go of old, debilitating habits and become a happier, healthier version of herself. He also inspired her to become a yoga teacher.

At times funny, Breathing Space mostly feels contrived, with characters and events planned just so to justify the pranayama exercise at the end of each chapter. But if you can send your inner editor on vacation (mine’s a bit of a workaholic) it’s an enjoyable “chick lit with good intentions” read. And the breathing exercises are powerful and practical enough to make it a worthy buy.


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