big love + thanks

Wow, what a response

to Living Yoga: 7 Pathways to Liberated Living. Two access codes maxed out. Multiple email back and forths.

Facebook posts.

* Big love and thanks to Public Myth, Tonic Lifestyle Apparel, The Yoga Diaries, and Daily Cup of Yoga for sharing this with your communities.

Umpteen Tweets.

* ‘specially thanks to Daniella Belmondo of Belmondo Organic Skincare. Check her stuff out in New York Magazine and at Anthropologie.

When I was asked to create this course, the first thing I did was sit down and meditate on
1. who I was creating it for and
2. why I was doing it. It came down to exactly this:

1. Bright and shiny yoga-loving people–mostly women–who wanted to live on a minute to minute basis from the place they access on their yoga mat: empowered, strong, vibrant, happy. Making decisions that honor their essential self and reflect their unique and deep happiness. Who want to create and live an abundant life reflective of all of this.

2. Because I believe in a world where we wake up energized, strong, in alignment, and looking forward to the day ahead. I believe in a world where we live free from guilt, poor health, and unshackled from choices that don’t reflect our greater purpose and our deeper happiness.

I’m so honored so many people joined me in this vision.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Much love,


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