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  • Do you feel overwhelmed?
    Do you wish you had support?
    Are you tired of feeling not quite happy?
    Do you want help managing the stress in your life?
    Do you wish someone was really THERE for you?
    Do you feel like there’s more to life?
    Do you want to make a difference?
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    HAPPINESS Coaching Do you want to keep doing what you do, but just feel happier while you’re doing it? Do you want help managing the overwhelm? Are there areas of your life that just plain suck right now? I can help. I’ll teach you happiness tools to help you through what’s making you unhappy–and they’ll help you address any new stuff that might come up. Tap into your innate capacity for happiness. It’s your birthright. Click here to schedule your FREE one-hour happiness life coaching session today!

    STRESS BUSTERS Coaching Do you want less stress and more energy? Do you wish you could feel calmer and stronger while being just as productive? I can help. I teach the ins and outs of powerful yet simple stress relief tools. You’ll learn a range of simple, powerful integrated techniques utilizing the breath, mind, and body that can be done anywhere, anytime, in any clothing—all based on the latest scientific research and proven yoga and mindfulness methods. Click here to schedule your FREE one-hour stress busters life coaching session today!

    STRESS + SLEEP Coaching Do you wish you could sleep through the night? Do you want to wake up rested, rejuvenated and ready to meet your day? Do you wish you could sleep better so you can feel better? I can help. I can teach you powerful, simple tools that you can learn and make use of during the day, before bed, and in the middle of the night. Sleep deeply. Wake rested. Feel prepared for whatever the day brings. I teach a range of simple, powerful stress busters and sleep enhancers—all based on the latest research and scientifically proven yoga and mindfulness methods. Click here to schedule your FREE one-hour stress + sleep life coaching session today!

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    What people are saying:

    I always come away from talking with Lindsey feeling more found, more inspired, and more hopeful. She reminds me of the things that I already know but oftentimes don’t have the courage to accept and seize. Her ability to champion my search to find my own strength, and to push my boundaries beyond my fear, is immeasurably appreciated. – Tara, University of British Columbia Lecturer

    Not only is Lindsey a joy to be around but she is wise beyond her years. Lindsey has a presence which uplifts, inspires and heals because she truly lives with authenticity, an infectious love for life, and a desire to be of service. She will bring out the best in you—because that is what she sees. – Carol Goulette, Semperviva Yoga

    On a professional level, working with Lindsey has been a pleasure. Her enthusiasm and passion for life shines through her work. Her compassion and infectious smile is a joy to be around. Thanks Lindsey, for being you. – Victoria Revay, Sequel Naturals

    Click here to schedule your FREE one-hour life coaching session today!

    More about me:

    I’m the founder of Libre Living Inc., a life coach, speaker and yoga teacher. I quit my 9-5 former dream job to follow my passions, live free, and help others do the same. My lifestyle teachings have helped academics at the University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University and employees at corporations including Business Objects and SAP Labs Canada. I’m the co-creator of the My Yoga Whole Health Programs and have been featured on Urban Rush and Breakfast Television. My motto? Live Free. For more, click here.

    Here’s the simplest, most advanced yoga pose you can try. Stand in front of someone you don’t know–say about three feet away. Look them in the eye. Step closer. Put your right hand on their left shoulder. Put your left hand on their right shoulder. Then go for the most advanced part: Pull them in for a hug.

    Yoga is simple.

    It’s about union. Between your breath, your body, and your mind. Between you and every person around you. Between you and this world. Between you and this universe.

    Yoga is powerful.

    It’s about liberty and freedom. From stress and anxiety, from physical pain, from tension, from excess weight. From self-defeating thoughts. From insecurities. From anything that holds you back from your dharma–your true, nourishing, vibrant, deeply rewarding path in this life.

    Yoga is my foundation.

    I’m a certified Kundalini, Hatha and Yin yoga teacher. My daily morning practice is my freedom. Sharing this love is my privilege.

    You can find me at Semperviva Yoga.

    And online at MyYogaOnline.com.


    You’re a true teacher, of yoga on and off the mat. You’re devoted, engaged in listening–really listening, and grounded in your own experience. Thanks for your light, your lite touch, and a yoga session that our little family is still buzzing on.
    – Danielle LaPorte, creator of WhiteHotTruth.com and The Fire Starter Sessions