yoga convo while high = down to earth outcome

Flying High
I might have been high during it, but I think the post-convo outcome is pretty down-to-earth.

A couple days ago, I was having a chat with yoga teacher Dan Lindsay (he’s got a cool name, hey? ;). Dan teaches here in Vancouver at Exhale and Semperviva, plus for Vancouver Corporate Yoga. If you have the chance to take one of his challenging, insightful, sublime classes, don’t miss it. He teaches the way I aspire to teach, and after class, I was completely high.

Life and Yoga = Frenemies?
We sat musing about life as a student of yoga, and how the heck to fit it in with the rest of our world. Here’s the short answer: it’s really tough. As teachers, we’re committed to being lifelong students of yoga, to always be learning and growing and sharing. As citizens of a capitalist, competitive, superficial society, we’re challenged every step of the way.

I moaned about that for a bit. Because I’d had a fairly major realization when I was travelling: I live in a bubble. I’ve created a life that enables me to surround myself with authentic, conscious, honest, really nice people. Outside this bubble, different story. Don’t get me wrong. I met amazing, wonderful people on my trip, and had so much help from them just when I needed it that when one of my flights was cancelled I just laughed–because I was pretty certain somebody would help me out. Costa not only figured out what had happened to the flight, but he acted as a liaison between me, a few of the other passengers and the airport manager. One hour later we were all ensconced in a chartered plane just for us. But there were many many people who were the polar opposite. And sometimes, people who were just ordinary folks, completely, happily ignorant of their inner state, and completely happy to take this ignorance out on others. Sometimes, I started turning into one myself.

Social Network, Knowledge Network
And here’s what Dan and I were enthusing about: yes, it’s easy to get caught up in ignorance and negativity. But we can choose to surround ourselves with a-mazing people! People who seek truth. Who live authentically. Who believe in bigger pictures, bettering themselves, and being a part of solutions.

What incredible person do you want to know better?

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Wow, Lindsey, this is so true!!!! Can't wait to hear about your travels. I'm teaching on Tuesdays at 12 until the end of this month, then I'm free, so I'll try and come to your exhale class soon!!! Smiles, Martina


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