tight travel spaces: top yoga practice tips

Four weeks: Paris and Greece. Perfect.

For a lot of my trip, there was plenty o’ room to stretch out my mat in the morning and get grounded (and high). But there were lots of times when rising and shining with salutations was très difficile. And others (packing a suitcase post-Paris shopping, perhaps) when I wished my mat was oh, about ten times smaller.

Here’s my top 5 travel yoga tips
1. Get a travel mat
Check out how tiny Gaiam’s is.
2. Or yoga paws
3. Get creative
I spent a couple practices with half my mat in a hotel room bathroom. Salutations to the toilet.
4. Get gutsy
Everybody waiting for the boarding call at my Amsterdam airport stopover had a little asana demo. Same on-board my 9.5-hour flight home. Those practices saved me.
5. Get out of routine
A few mornings I resorted to doing what I could on the bed and spent more time in meditation.

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Jun 9, 2009 · Comment (2)

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I like number 5, especially now here in our winter :)Nice to meet you Lindsey, I love Kundalini Yoga too :)


All the five tips given are very much useful for me. Thanks for providing such useful information. I also got more yoga tips and the information about the different type of yoga from the Reply


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