Take-Away Tip: Pinch My Butt

On the mat: We find our mind getting caught up in the comparison between what we want our body to do and what our body is doing, between what we’re doing and what others around us are doing. We get lost.

To get found, we can give ourselves a grin. A giggle, maybe. Or a good ol‘ guffaw. In other words, a dose of perspective. We can find the sillyness in getting mad at ourselves for not being able to wrap one leg around the other while standing on one foot with our arms threaded, staring at the wall.

Off the mat: When we find ourselves getting caught up in comparisons, stressing about everything, we can start with a grin. Give our heads a shake (a real one). It’s all a bit silly, because no matter how serious we think the subject is, stressing does nothing to make it better.

If you want a quick hit of humour, just say this pose name out loud: Pincha Mayurasana

Aug 8, 2008 · Comment

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