Take-Away Tip: Heartening

On the Mat: We find ourselves struggling in a pose. Our legs are too weak, our arms aren’t quite strong enough, our hamstrings or hips are too tight. Our mind waves a white flag: “You should surrender, stop fighting, just stop. Take child’s pose. Or just stand there. Do anything else.”

Instead, we draw our intention and our attention to our heart centre, radiating out from there to our arms, our hands, our core, our legs, our feet. Our body waves a white flag: “You should surrender, stop fighting, just stop. Drop out of your mind. It’s making this harder than it needs to be. Take this pose. Just be here. Breathe.” And we let go of the resistance, melt into the surrender, and find our legs and arms strengthening, our hamstrings and our hips loosening. Our mind relaxing. Ahhh.

Off the Mat: We find anxiety and stress rising as we consider a new project, a new direction, a new relationship. Our mind waves its white flag, “Just accept that this is too challenging. Just don’t do it.” Instead, we duck into our heart centre, surrender to the strength, calm and peace there, move forward in a new direction. We strengthen, lengthen, and grow. We find joy. We knew we could do it.

What experiences have challenged you and enabled you to grow? I’d love to hear about them.

Aug 28, 2008 · Comment

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