Take-Away Tip: Get More From Your Corn Flakes

Chew on This

The biggest blockade between us and inner peace? I’d say it’s the crazy busy packed lives we lead. But just because we’re busy, doesn’t mean we have to be bonkers.

I’ve learned that the day continues the way we start it. Racing through hair, make-up, wardrobe selection and grabbing an energy bar to-go? Bet the day zips by, seemingly running away as we try to catch up to everything on the to-do list.

But who’s got time for a full-on morning meditation? Lucky for us, we don’t need to spend half an hour on our butts every day to get some down time.

We can take it during breakfast, just by completely, fully, honestly focusing on what we’re eating. Notice each bite. Notice what it feels like between your teeth when you’re chewing. Notice what it tastes like on different parts of your tongue. Notice every single thing about that food–even if you’re eating it in the car. Doesn’t work for you at breakfast? Try it at lunch.

Give your mind a break from planning and doing–you probably have it all down in your daytimer anyway–and give yourself a break from stress.

p.s. I actually eat Bob’s Red Mill Wheat-Free 8-Grains cereal, plus hemp hearts, for breakfast, and adore my morning walking meditation…but then I’m a bit bonkers for this whole yoga thang.

Nov 19, 2008 · Comment

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