Take-Away Tip: Brake for Peace

How to Find More Peace no Matter What You’re Doing

What is with those people who always seem calm? They’re never rushed, never in a hurry, never speeding through sentences like their words are Ferraris taking them to the finish line.

Exactly. They just take things a little bit slower.

On The Mat: We learn to tune into our body: from our nose to our toes to our fingers. We learn to move just a little bit slower than we normally would. By doing this, we learn how to stay present, stay out of our head, and out of our stress.

Off The Mat: Walking to to the kitchen in the morning, to the bus on the way to work, down the hall at the office, anywhere at all: we can tune into our feet, our hands, our head, our legs and arms, and move just a teeny bit slower. That’s all it takes to drop out of the worries, the stress, the anxiety. To operate from a place where we can be calm, get more done, and do it better.

Oct 1, 2008 · Comment

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