Moving Like Mario Andretti? How Taking a Seat Calms You Down

Take-Away Tip
On the Mat
At the beginning of class, we often sit. We just sit. (Snooze. Yeah, this is one of the reasons some people think yoga is booooooring ;) But we don’t stay there forever. Just long enough to calm down. Thing is, our inner state is heavily influenced by our outer state.

In other words, if we’re running from to-do to to-do, our insides (mind, heart rate, even our digestive system) are probably giving race car hero Mario Andretti a run for his money. So on the mat we simply make ourselves be still. When our mind says: “This is so boooooring. Hmm, what I should make for dinner? Maybe I should change the way I’m sitting. That guy next to me is cute–wonder if he’s single,” we just keep still. And eventually, with a little help from our breath, our mind gives it up. The peace comes back. We remember what it feels like to just be, and in this being, find our deepest contentment. We’re not rushing, we’re not striving, we’re not even trying. We’re just happy.

Off the Mat
We can be consciously still, in any way, shape or form at home, just for 5 minutes. Watching TV doesn’t count.

Not at home? We can become just a little stiller. Walk just a tiny bit slower. Feel how this calms our entire system.

We calm down, we tap into our joy. This is yogahhhh.

Nov 26, 2008 · Comment

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