Just Be: Way to Self Love or Way to Get Stuck in a Rut?

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Take-Away Tip
Keeping the Yoga Going Off the Mat

On the Mat
The other day in my class we focused on being okay. Just being just fine: with taking the less advanced version of a pose, with the tension in our hamstrings, with the wobble in our plank–and the dippidy-do tipping all the way over from our tree. Kerplunk!

We practiced noticing the self-judgement that came up, the “wouldas, couldas, shouldas” and literally shook ’em off. Arms, legs, even our head, waggling out the surface tension.

Off the Mat
At the end of the class, we thought about how we might take this off the mat and into our world. About what situations we found ourselves in where we were prone to feeling not good enough. Could we shake off the “wouldas, couldas, shouldas” in those situations, too? Could we let go of where we thought we should be, and just ‘be’? And if we did, what would happen next?

I’ve found that when I practice just ‘being’, instead of this preventing me from excelling, I’ve gone further than I ever thought I would. Because, I think, if we can accept where we are at, and not struggle against it, the next step actually comes more easily, with less effort.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

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Wow! This is an amazing concept. I struggle with this all the time. I have such a hard time just letting go and letting be.


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