help received: lost yoga, got up

Ask and you will receive. Isn’t it amazing that so often, just by asking the question, the answer will come to you from your own self? I had some pretty sweet insights into the whole “lost yoga” thang come into my mind after writing the post.

And some beautiful people (big hugs to healer Dennis Gamboa, my teacher Swami Mahesh, and my amazing friend and yogi, B) sent some lovely insights. Here, a few from their list, in case you need them sometime, too.

1. fluctuations in “yoganess” are natural
2. use a bigger cup! remember the bigger picture
3. don’t fill your cup full; take time to drink from it as it fills
4. can you think of your life (friends, family) and work as yoga?
5. replace “stressed” with “blessed”

Stay Still Dammit!

Sep 18, 2009 · Comment (1)

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Good advice! Mahalo nui, Lindsey. #3 is my favorite. FYI, I moved to San Francisco. Missing Vancouver Yoga, especially Clara's classes. But SF yoga is amazing & there is big love in the community here. It's good to be home.I changed the name & address of my blog to:The Devil Wears Prana & look me up when you're in SF. Let's have a tea & take a class!


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