check it out desk jockeys: yoga tips for you

They’re targeting online college students, but these tips can be used by anyone spending any time at a desk.

I offered five. They ran two. Ah well. You can read the rest of them below, and get more insight from me, and other yogis in the full article.

1. Ankles and Feet
Alternate between pressing the ball of your foot into the floor as you spread your toes and lift your heel, feeling a deep opening in the bottom of your foot; and lowering your heel back to the floor, feeling an opening in your calf as you raise the ball of your foot and your toes. Match the movement to your breath: Raise your heel as you inhale, lower it and raise the ball of your foot and toes as you inhale.

2. Spine
Cross one leg over the other, thigh on top of thigh. Take the opposite hand to the top knee. As you inhale, lengthen through the crown of your head. As you exhale, turn towards your top leg with your entire torso and look over your shoulder.

3. Shoulders
Gently draw both shoulders forward as you tuck your chin on your exhale. On your inhale, send both your shoulder blades down and back, drawing them together behind you as you raise tall through the crown of your head.

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