Aruna Humphrys of Young Yoga Masters on Dancing and Archer Pose for Kids


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About Aruna
Aruna firmly supports that the goal of yoga is more than physical and that we can learn to think what we want to think–and not what we don’t want to think. Her big dream is to train enough kids’ yoga teachers to create an army of kids who can transform negativity and dream of a big life and a world filled with happiness. This passion is poured into her Young Yoga Masters blog and Kids Yoga Teacher Training.

“Dreaming big takes the same amount of energy as dreaming small, so why not dream big!” ~Tulshi Sen

Position/Role Entrepreneur, Trainer, Teacher, Consultant, Blogger
Yoga Style(s) Kids Yoga, Meditation for Visioning as taught by Tulshi Sen, Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan

Aruna’s Take-Away Tips
Top 3 Yoga Practices for Kids and Families

1 Archer Pose Good for balance, strength, and flexibility. It also encourages kids to develop focus. i.e. What is your target? This pose is good to introduce to all kids who are walking.
2 Dancing Put on some uplifting music and dance freely. Have fun! We can’t take life too seriously.
3 A Stroke of Genius Meditation builds self esteem.

Aruna’s At-Work or At-Home Stress Busters
Daydreaming Sessions
When you feel over-worked sometimes the best thing you can do is stop everything. When you’re feeling overwhelmed, it is a good time to take a Daydreaming Break. It’s taking a mini vacation anytime you want.

Take a few relaxing breaths. Recognize what you are thinking about now. Are you worrying about something? Are you fixating on what might go wrong? Are you thinking you can’t handle what is happening?

Now take a few more full breaths. What do you want to happen? Imagine what you want. You may imagine that everything you do turns out perfectly; you are the talk-of- the-town at work. Every time you walk to the water cooler people call out “great presentation” or you hear them whispering, “She’s/He’s the one the bosses promoted last week.”

Or you may daydream you’ve quit your job and are traveling the world. You’re sitting on a warm beach, the sand between your toes, drinking from a coconut and writing a romantic- comedy movie script.

It’s your daydreaming session, so think of anything you want. The more of a fantasy it is, the more fantastic it will be. See it in your mind, just like you would watch a movie at the theatre.

After a few minutes, take another full breath and go back to work. You may have a new perspective of what you were doing and new ideas for tackling the problems. At the very least, you got away from the stress for a few minutes.

“We live in a world we have imagined and created. We can change our world by changing our Imagination.” ~Tulshi Sen

Top 3 Inspirational Media
Ancient Secrets of Success for Today’s World by Tulshi Sen
This book gives insight, inspiration, and direction for breaking old habits and creating the life we want to live. I also recommend the two companion CD’s for the meditations in this book that I also recommend.
2 Romancing the Stove: A Practical Guide to the Lifelong Celebration of Eating for Health by Samahria Ramsen
I used to dream of being able to cook tasty, healthy meals from scratch and this book was the answer to my prayers.
3 Live in Concert: Snatam Kaur

This inspiring music from the Kundalini Yoga tradition is great for listening and meditation. Snatam Kaur’s voice is pure and sweet.

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