Top 3 Yoga Poses for Anxiety

Headstand rocks anxiety’s boat mostly because we simply have to learn to drop out of our overprotective mind in order to do it. When we keep moving up into a place where, yeah, it kinda feels like we might fall over and break something, and then just breathe there, strong and tall, we teach our mind to “chill out, man.” Headstand not happening for you yet? Just test out shoulder stand or teddy bear stand.

Crocodile is kind of like savasana, but on your tummy with your arms folded overhead. The buzz-worthy benefits come from feeling unexposed and protected–similar to balasana with a blanket.

Seated Twists
If we can be calm here, when we’re literally wound up, we can be calm off the mat, too. Practicing twists (check out the demo video) while bringing our attention and intention to our long, deep, yogic breathing can help us learn to turn “Aaaaaaa!!!” into “ahhhhh” off the mat.

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Great! I love your blog. Please join us at friendship society, we have a meditation and yoga group and could benefit from your knowledge.Wishing you happiness, Katherine


yoga is a great thing for overcoming anxiety…I like your post.


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