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Yoga Insider: Nona Jordan
Nona has been a yoga practitioner for 15 years and a teacher for six. After such a long period of time with a formal practice, she came to the realization that how we “do” our everyday life IS the heart of yoga. Hence, Everyday Yogini was born to document her life as practice and hopefully, inspire others. Nona loves all the hats she wears: mother, yogini, wife, teacher, student, friend, daughter, sister, technology advocate, global citizen; she sees every single thing she does in the world as an opportunity to learn something new about being present and open to the full experience of life.

Position/Role(s) Mom, wife, Yoga and Meditation instructor, technology advocate, and writer.
Yoga Styles Kripalu Meditative, experience-focused Yoga

Nona’s Take-Away Tips
At-Work Stress Busters
The key to stress-free work is to set yourself up for success. In other words, figure out what you need to do to take care of yourself and do it. For instance, do you feel better if you run three days a week? Do it. Does your company have terrible food choices? Bring your lunch and snacks. Need 8-9 hours of sleep? Get it. Does a regular Yoga and Meditation practice help you feel more peaceful? Make sure and get it in. Are you disorganized? Find a system that works for you and get organized.
It’s not about work, generally, but everything at work ends up being the stress-icing on the cake if we don’t have good self-care practices. It’s so much easier to take things as they come at work if we take care of ourselves.

At-Home Stress Busters
The same thing principle applies here. As a Mom, I know how hard it is to “find” time to take care of yourself, but you know something? I am so much better to my daughter and husband if I am doing what I need to do for my own well-being. Take a hard look at where you are spending your time and MAKE the time to be good to yourself. The dishes can wait.

Meditations for your iPod.
I’ve found some great meditation downloads and CD’s. When I was struggling with anxiety during our transition to Rome, I discovered some fabulous, short meditations that were really critical to staying sane during the move. I used one each day.

Now, in addition to a regular, seated meditation practice, I use a progressive body scan. It’s incredibly relaxing and, in my opinion, a fabulous way to connect with your body.

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