Natasha of Transformative Wellness: Alkaline and Acid Food, Flushing Stress


Yoga Insider: Natasha Grbich
Natasha’s path is set to explore the alternative healing fields. She believes health and happiness are intrinsically connected and that Traditional Chinese medicine and Yoga are an incredible combination, enabling many ways for living in balance. She also digs being in nature—anything to get outside.
Position/Role Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner/Acupuncturist, Yoga Instructor
Company Transformative Wellness Programs
Yoga Style Jivamukti yoga

Natasha’s Take-Away Tips
Top 3 Chinese Medicine Dietary Recommendations
1 The basic format for a balanced diet is to eat 65%-80% alkaline foods and 20%-35% acid forming foods. Alkaline foods are vegetables, fruits, seeds, almonds and millet (the only nut and grain that is alkaline), herbs and spices, sea vegetables, teas, apple cider vinegar (only alkaline vinegar), raw honey and raw molasses. There are a few others included in the alkaline chart.

All other foods are acidic. Meat has the strongest amount of acid residue in the body. So eat meat only one to two times a week. Too much acid causes a hypersensitive immune system, muscle pain, inflammatory conditions, arthritis, and an array of health conditions. All packaged, processed foods, sugar, salt, pastries etc. are toxic and very acid, so eat those sparingly. If you eat well the body will heal.
2 Eat locally and organic as much as possible. There is a reason why foods that grow in certain seasons have specific benefits for that season.

3 Less is more, meaning that smaller portions often are a better idea than being too full. Eventually, 1/3 food, 1/3 water and 1/3 air is the best combination for optimum digestion and assimilation of nutrients.

At-Work Stress Busters
Breathing is the most powerful alkalizer and de-stressor. Whatever makes you breathe and move the body will be beneficial. Yoga is a timeless self-healing form of exercise and a few postures can make you feel much better. All movement is useful to release stress, aka stagnation.
At-Home Stress Busters
Use DVD’s, audio material, internet downloads, iPod downloads and do a yoga practice. There is so much out there that if you search something will resonate with you. If you need something different than yoga then get on a stationary bike or whatever you have. Move and breathe so the body can flush the stress energetically and physically out of your system.

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Natasha ..super regimen thanks..what about quinoa..isnt it alkaline too.. Van


i found your blog on google.. Im really impressed with the topics you have..Ya, Exercise is very important in person's life in order to be physically fit and have a good health. One of this exercise which help us to be physically fit is the yoga. Exercise is one of the besty weapon also against illnesses and depression. Reply

Terrific work! This is the type of information that should be shared around the web. Shame on the search engines for not positioning this post higher!


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