Anxiety: Top 10 Ways to Deal, Through Yoga

Top 10 Ways to Deal with Anxiety
Tried and tested during my last bout, and found to be true, and freeing

Remember that
1. You are not your body
2. What we resist persists
Stop focusing on it. Stop resisting it. Stop thinking about it. Don’t feed it
3. The mind creates the body
4. You are not your mind

Stop, stop, stop!
5. Telling yourself you have anxiety
6. Telling yourself it’s bad and you are very close to a full-blown panic attack

7. Doing something else
Go for a hike, a run, take an afternoon away from your routine. Exercise is key. Shake your system up. Distract your mind

Do this, too
8. Re-program your mind
9. Change the channel

10. Just do it. Get over it. You can do it

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