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Power of Peace Interview Series

This beautiful woman is Jackie Gartman. She’s a Master Certified Life Coach and eternal optimist, who loves helping her clients blast through the blocks of their limiting beliefs to help boost their confidence—both personally and professionally—so they can live more authentic, electric and purposeful lives.

The Power of Peace series explores ideas about peace and how it can transform our lives–from the inside out. It features luminaries from all walks of life.

About Jackie Gartman

Jackie works primarily with women whose dreams have been diluted by grown up responsibilities and are craving more passion and meaning in their lives. She also mentors newly minted life coaches and is an instructor for O Magazine contributor Martha Beck’s life coach training program.

For me, Jackie is a force of nature—somebody who carries a great amount of strength and authenticity. And I’m inspired by the way she gives and what she gives to the world. Most of all, I’ve loved being a part of her worry-free cleanse.

Here’s a bit of what she had to say about how she finds peace, and what it does for her life:

Listen to the full recorded interview below (11 mins).

JG: I have been plagued by worry for a lot of my life, and I deliberately and very consciously made a choice that I wanted to, at the very least, diminish if not eradicate worry from my life and that is why I started the Worry-Free Cleanse. I have learned so much about how worry really effects and impacts not only how we feel internally but how it effects and impacts the results that we get.

LL: What’s the flip side of being full of worry? What does being at peace or being worry-free do for you?

JG: It’s about being at peace, being completely content with where I am in the moment. The opposite of worry for me is peace, which for me being at peace really means completely surrendering to life as it happens moment by moment. It’s not that I’m always achieving that state of peace–you do have to make a conscious and very deliberate decision to lean into those moments and be as present as possible.

Psst. I didn’t include all the juicy stuff. Hear Jackie talk more about how to lean into the moment, her hilarious and funny strategy that works and how you can adopt these powerful practices in the interview below. I love this woman!

Jackie’s Five Steps to Return to Peace

PLUS: The entire interview.

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