power of peace interview series: Aileen de la Torre of Spark Creations

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Power of Peace Interview Series

This beautiful woman is the co-founder of Spark Creations. You’ll love what she has to say about living in flow, and what this does for our lives. Also, how to do it.

The Power of Peace series explores ideas about peace and how it can transform our lives–from the inside out. It features luminaries from all walks of life.

About Aileen de la Torre

Aileen is the co-founder and chief flow officer for Spark Creations. SPARK Creations is a heart based leadership and empowerment organization that provides highly interactive and fun experiential learning and development, strategic visioning and planning, and people and culture programs for individuals, teams and organizations.

For Spark Creations, Aileen spearheads all things operational. She brings clarity and FLOW by working with teams to achieve sustainable results through alignment of strategic goals with business processes. Aileen is partnering with conscious business owners and leaders who are ready and driven to create and inspire loving human connections to increase engagement and achieve sustainable results.

For me, Aileen has a way of showing up as this wise, loving force of nature, who very gently and authentically lifts others up. She has a way of being that imbues the space with calm and is very comforting to be around.

Here’s a bit of what she had to say about how she finds peace, and what it does for her life:

Listen to the full recorded interview below (14 mins).

LL: What does being in peace mean to you?

AD: Peace for me is another way of describing one of my personal values which is flow. For me that means being at peace with who I am, being happy with who you are and what you have right now, with a grande vision of your future. And so for that it’s a sense of knowing that what you’re doing and experiencing right now is what you need to be doing and experiencing.

LL: So you have this moment where you actually feel it. I imagine there are moments when you don’t and you are practicing getting back there. What are some of those things that you do to help you get back into a state of flow?

AD: The first practice is breathing. It’s not just the act of breathing. Also breathing is a sense of creating space in my life. Breathing space in my lungs, space in my schedule and space in my closet. I think the beginning of the day is about breathing in my intentions of how I want my day to look like. Setting it in the beginning before I go to work or seeing clients and then setting another intention before I get home, to kind of release any, um, interesting energy I might have received. That gives me the space to be able to receive the love and joy from family.

AD: The next one for sure is journalling. Journalling is a place where I can let go. Let go of the thoughts, the should-haves, let go of things that are swimming through my mind. It’s also a great place for me to reflect on what’s happening in my life. And as I reflect back and kind of re-read some of the previous entries it’s so interesting to track these moments and how I’ve grown or how I’ve experienced that situation, and how I’ve actually dealt with it. It’s a place of learning for myself.

LL: I imagine that as somebody who’s entrepreneurial, having those rituals to anchor your day really helps you to sustain that sense of steadiness that may not be there if you didn’t have that as part of your day.

AD: You have hit the nail on the head. Although I love flow, flow is not about haphazardly flying through your day. It’s really creating a wonderful structure that you can live with.

Psst. I didn’t include all the juicy stuff. Hear Aileen talk more about gratitudes, cultivating a like-minded tribe, and how you can adopt these powerful practices in the interview below. I love this woman!

Aileen’s Five Steps to Return to Peace

PLUS: The entire interview.

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