Things I’d Never Say

Ever think something you’d only say in, like, a dark cave at the bottom of the ocean with, like, only one of those weird fish with the bobblehead light on top of their head beside you? Me too.

I believe there are two sides to us human beans:

One is ENLIGHTENED, bright, calm, peaceful, loving, at ease, deeply intuitive, connected and even masterful–in any given situation.

The other is BAT S–T crazy. Wink-smile. This is the side of us that can sway from elation to despair, jealousy to swagger, the depths of down-low to the free-fall of highest highs. The side of us that feels stuck, insecure, unsure and…”WTF, man?”

I’ve spent years cultivating the enlightened side. I lurv living from this place inside. Things are easier. Grace happens. Magic. And results: in my personal life and my business.

But it has meant that the other side of me got compartmentalized–tucked away in a little compartment in my heart, only to be tended to occasionally. Stepping up on stage as a stand up comic was my first bold move towards giving this oh-so-human side of me more air time. The Things I’d Never Say podcast is my next one.

Why would you do that, Lindsey? Doesn’t it put your business and your professional and personal reputation at risk?


But what will people think?

They might judge me. Might think I’m too human to do what I do, be a coach, be a guide in people’s lives.

They might think “This woman couldn’t guide a pot of potatoes!”

Or–they might love it. Be inspired. Be touched. Be reassured that their own human-ness is absolutely okay. I’m human. You’re human. It’s okay.

F Fear.

I lived enough years in its shadow.

No more.

So, without further fanfare, please allow me to introduce my bat s–t crazy side, stepping up to the mic here at Things I’d Never Say podcast. I hope it entertains you, lifts you up, affirms and perhaps inspires.

You can listen to the first four episodes below. And, find Things I’d Never say on iTunes, Stitcher, Overcast, Podcast Addict, Pocket Casts, and other podcast apps.

Episode 1: Things I’d Never Say
Length: 27:24

Episode 2: I am Not an Expert
Length: 19:32

Episode 3: What Did I Say in That Text?
Length: 10:53

Episode 4: Our Sex Life is Off the Charts
Length: 17:55

Music: Feeling Free by Nicolai Heidlas |
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Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

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