saucha whatcha? this yoga niyama’s got your back

Don’cha just love it when yoga comes to the rescue?

There I am, benignly batting my eyes about the latest bad news I haven’t heard about, while my convo buddy exclaims over my lack of insight into world affairs–and bammo! I’ve got an excuse. Er, I mean, rebuttal.

I’m practicing saucha, a yoga niyama, or soul-soothing habit. It sums up a couple yogic ideals: cleanliness and purity. Not that anyone would doubt my purity, of course. I’m completely angelic. Never did a bad thing in my entire life, of course.

But seriously, I do support saucha, in lots of circumstances, especially when it comes to media, whether it’s online, on TV, on the radio or in print. It has a little to do with my Communications degree–and the healthy dose of media skepticism that comes with it–and a lot do do with eliminating non-essentials, especially when they’re negative. And it’s no big news to anybody that what the media reports isn’t always, well, big news. Or that our mind has a thing for dirty deeds, lodging them in spaces where much much more healthy, happy topics could go. (Remember the reports on that video that made a certain Hilton sister hit an all-time YouTube high? Me too.)

Call me naive. I’m all for keeping my mind clean and clear. Good news in (or on). Irrelevant bad news out (or off). Saucha to the rescue. Bammo!

Yamas: yoga and shopping: enemies or bffs?

Apr 28, 2009 · Comment (1)

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Great post. I find as I’ve gotten more and more into Yoga I watch less and less TV of all sorts. And when I do watch I watch with much more concentration. Even the ads are a trip if you watch them with non-judgmental “pure awareness”. You see everything in a whole different light.But TV is always a conscious choice now, competing with silence, which often wins. I used to have the TV on in the background all the time just because I didn’t know what to do with silence. Now, thanks to Yoga, I do.Bob W.


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