Philosophy: The Power of One

What ‘Om’ Can do For You

For one tiny word, ‘Om’ has plenty of punch. I’ve heard it described as the one, original, primordial sacred sound; as the universal connection between all beings; as the ultimate mantra; as a tool for enlightenment; as the reverberation that ripples through every particle. As God.


The fact is this: no matter what the sages (or Wikipedia) says, Om’s got a vibe that jives with me. I’m feeling stressed: I Om. I’m feeling sad: I Om. I’m recovering from a relationship gone south (literally; he’s off to Hawaii): I Om.

Om drops me out of my emotions, out of my head, out of my “Men! What is up with them?!”

Three times, soft and slow, or long and loud (if I’m really pissed off), and I’m feeling calmer, saner, brighter.

Do try this at home: Deep inhale, close your eyes, feel your heart. Ommmmmm. Ommmmmm. Ommmmmm.
Oct 21, 2008 · Comment

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