Philosophy: The Mind

The anxiety was rising. My heart was beating a bit faster. My mind was racing.

I was caught up in a singular worry–maybe I’m not a good enough yoga teacher–that had completely taken over. I had stopped writing and was just sitting, worrying. “There are so many other teachers who are better than me. Maybe people actually don’t like my classes. Maybe I’ll never be able to teach globally, as I hope to. Maybe I….”

And then I worried about not being productive, because I was so distracted.

And then I took a few deep breaths, and laughed out loud. :)

Yogic philosophy teaches us that we are not our mind. Instead, our mind is simply a part of our body, and a tool for us to use to get through life, just like our hands and feet. I’d let my mind attach to just one of the hundreds of thoughts that go through it–and go crazy. Imagine if I let my feet do that! I’d be run all over my apartment–“Whoa! Hey! Hold up! Ooof. Ouch.”–maybe crashing into walls in the process ;).

Lucky for me, and for us, our mind isn’t in control, and we can detach from, and choose, our thoughts.

Here’s one I prefer: I’m going to share the benefits of yoga with the world! See you there.

Aug 1, 2008 · Comment

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