Philosophy: The Breath

Breathe. It sounds so simple. After all, we do it all the time, without even trying. But yogic philosophy teaches us we barely manage to do it. Essentially, we take in just enough breath to keep us alive. It’s sort of like giving a houseplant just enough water, so some of the leaves stay on–while the rest dry up and fall to the floor.

More breath = more energy. When we become conscious of how we breathe, and breathe deeper, we become more fully alive, with more energy to apply to whatever’s going on in our life: deadlines, to-do lists, family dinners, commuting (deep breathing in the car can transform your drive), housework, you get the picture.

How-To: This Yoga Journal article gives great instruction. Don’t let the title fool you into thinking it’s just for moments when you’re taking a break.

Bonus: when we breath deeply, we also become more present and focused, which leads to decreased anxiety and stress.

Aug 18, 2008 · Comment

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