Philosophy: Asteya

Green is the new black. Eco-chic is the haute flavour du jour and makers of everything from iPod cases and clothing lines to bags and SUVs are jumping on the band wagon.

Yogic philosophy powerhouse Patanjali would be proud. (Okay, he’d probably first say we don’t actually need all this stuff, but I think he’d be giving kudos after that.) Because the trend jives with Asteya, one of the yamas, or best-life behavioural tips. Asteya translates to non-stealing, referring to, among other things, not taking what’s not ours, and not taking more than we need. When we buy environmentally-friendly stuff, we’re leaving more of the earth’s vital resources where they’re supposed to and need to be: on the earth–and not in our hands.

So next time you give the the Big Mamma a break by choosing green eco-chic over black, chic, and cheaply-made (unethically, unenvironmentally-friendly), give yourself a pat on the back, knowing that the universe is sending a great big “Ommmm” right back atcha.

Sep 4, 2008 · Comment

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